Many people try to lose weight with diets, exercise, and pills, and for various reasons, can’t. It is a frustrating cycle for morbidly obese people who want so much to shed off the immense physical and emotional burden they carry each and every day, but are not able to because exercise and eating habits seem difficult, if not impossible, to change. In addition to the burden of weight, the morbidly obese often suffer from chronic pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, making life a struggle every day.

However, there is hope for the morbidly obese who have had difficulty losing weight through traditional diet and exercise. Dra. Ana Santos Quiñones of the Institute for Advanced Surgery and Obesity Control has committed her life’s work to helping morbidly obese patients achieve safe and effective weight loss. She does this by using her talent and experience to perform bariatric surgery. Through the surgical procedures she offers at the institute, she seeks to improve the quality of life for the morbidly obese and to help control – and hopefully eliminate – the many health problems that plague them.

Though life immediately following the surgery will not be easy, it will be rewarding and you will begin to notice a significant improvement. If you are living with morbid obesity and wish to find out more about how Dra. Santos Quiñones can help change your life, contact the Institute for Advanced Surgery and Obesity Control today. You deserve to live a liberated, enjoyable life without the burden of morbid obesity, and Dra. Santos Quiñones is ready to help you get there.

Dra. Ana Santos Quiñones takes great pride in the drastic changes her patients undergo after bariatric surgery. Explore our gallery to see how bariatric surgery can dramatically improve your body.

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Dra. Ana Santos Quiñones has served as Director of the bariatric surgery division of Hospital Menonita de Cayey since 2001. That same year, she established the Institute for Advanced Surgery and Obesity Control for the purpose of creating a center of excellence for the surgical management of morbid obesity. She has consistently excelled throughout her education and training and now uses her expertise to improve the lives of her patients.

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Dra. Ana T. Santos Quiñones
P.O. BOX 373130
Cayey, PR 00737

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Phone: 787.738.8084
Fax: 787.535.1030

Surgery is considered for individuals with a BMI of 40 or those with BMI of 35 with a life threatening complication from their obesity.


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